Business Process Improvement

Doing What You Do Better

As technology permeates the way organizations run their business today, processes also need to be improved. Linea uses established BPI methodologies (such as Six Sigma) to guide how work will flow in the future.

Business Process Improvement

Linea achieves process improvement through a practical methodology that emphasizes a series of small and easily achievable steps. Our consultants work with staff to identify short, medium, and long-term changes. We focus first on changes that can be made with little organizational resistance, and use these quick wins to build momentum. Once staff are accustomed to making successful changes, the barriers to larger changes lessen.

We work with executive management to create guardrails to ensure the new processes remain compliant with business rule, policies, and the organization’s overall business objectives. Our analysts then work with staff to develop process change recommendations to be reviewed and approved by a client change committee. Linea can perform business process improvement as a stand-alone service or as part of a software implementation.

Best Practices Consulting

Linea assists clients in framing the needs of the organization and formulating the right questions based on those needs. Our consultants work with clients to understand the current state and future possibilities of organizational processes through the application of industry best practices.

By helping organizations identify and implement best practices, Linea helps clients close gaps that exist within the organization, as compared to industry standards, to create greater organizational efficiencies.

Business Transformation Implementation

Once new business processes have been identified, we assist our clients with the planning of these processes and development of a transformation roadmap. This includes the implementation of all new tools, software, and procedures, and any organizational structural changes. Once the initiative has been planned and developed, it finally needs to be executed. Linea’s BPI practitioners work with an organization’s subject matter experts to implement all required tools, walkthrough new practices and procedures, and make updates and adjustments as necessary until the organization is smoothly operating using its more efficient processes.

Business Process Improvement


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