Client-Side Resourcing

Additional Services to Meet Complex Needs

While you know you need to complete a project to meet your business needs, the resources and expertise needed to meet that goal may not be available within your organization. Linea’s consultants have a wide array of expertise in various areas such as system design, testing, planning, and management, that can help your initiative be successful.

Design Confirmation

Linea’s analysts work with the client subject matter experts and the vendor to analyze the proposed system design and validate that it meets best practices for the industry and is congruent with the requirements stated in the RFP. This design confirmation activity takes place throughout the design phase of the implementation. Linea’s analysts attend all Joint Application Development (JAD) sessions as the client advocates: We ensure the vendor is well-prepared and uses the meeting time well. We ensure the design materials are well organized, clearly written, and address all the functional requirements listed in the module. Linea validates that the client staff understand the design being proposed and encourage them to ask questions, challenge the design proposed, and offer their opinions.

Linea’s consultants work with vendor to ensure that industry best practices are adhered to. If there are insufficiencies in the design, Linea’s consultants will negotiate changes with the vendor and client. Linea consultants will monitor the amount of design review work assigned to the client staff and confirm the vendor does not have unreasonable expectations in terms of client time commitment. Finally, Linea’s consultants will ensure that the design is rigorously documented, and that the vendor manages the documentation revision process so that all changes are clearly tracked.


Linea’s testing services consist of test planning, management and execution. Linea has senior consultants who draft detailed test plans, including identifying all testing types, the data set to be tested, required test environments, test scenarios, and the like. Linea has consultants who will work with staff testers to develop test scripts, who configure testing applications and design a testing process using these tools, and who work with staff day-to-day to ensure the process is being followed, and that defects are logged, prioritized, and communicated to the vendor.

Finally, Linea has test analysts who execute test scripts, perform test scenario preparation by identifying member or participant records for testing, and who refresh the test environment. Linea performs design verification testing, exploratory testing, data conversion testing, performance/load/stress tests, and formal User Acceptance Testing.

External System Integration

Linea consultants will assist with the planning, management, and execution of the effort to transition old interfaces and the methods used to the future state. Linea will draft an integration plan, which includes all elements of the transition, from design of the interface to testing, a communication plan, and change management activities to ensure that third party systems are supported during the entire project. Linea’s analysts will work with individual representatives of third parties to assist with explaining the new interface format.

We produce communication materials for the third parties, from project information to detailed instructions on reporting, exception handling, and adjustments. We manage the file testing processing, assisting with defect tracking and communication. Linea works with both client and third-party staff to develop the support infrastructure for the testing and cut-over phase, as well as production support.

Client-Side Resourcing


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