Implementation Oversight

Realizing a Strategic Technology Vision is a Team Effort

Your systems, data, and project teams must sync up to keep the process moving on time and in line with the strategic IT vision. This effort is no small feat, the work will be intense, but Linea takes the worry out of that work.

Project Oversight

Project Oversight is focused on the reporting and tracking of the project as well as issues and risks. We work jointly with the client project managers to prepare them with a thorough level of detail so that they can actively manage the project. While many of the activities may be similar or the same as project management, Linea’s emphasis is on consulting and preparing the client project manager rather than actively managing the project. Linea acts as a second set of eyes to ensure that activities are well thought out as the project progresses.

As part of Project Oversight, Linea consultants communicate at many different levels during an implementation. We draft a communication plan as part of our project charter which identifies the different audiences that must be informed, and the type of information they receive.

At the highest level, we report to Boards or executives on a regular basis. We report on high-level risks, progress to date, and the plan going forward. At the Steering Committee level, we provide a more detailed analysis of risks and risk mitigation, progress by project activity, and decisions to be made. Additionally, we draft communication for many different parties based upon the situation. This may include newsletters, surveys, presentations, agendas, kick-offs, and miscellaneous communiques. Finally, we assist our clients with communication to members or employers in advance of the go-live. These communications focus on elements that will affect these groups directly such as information about new web portals or new reporting requirements.

Independent Verification & Validation

The purpose of IV&V is to reduce risk and cost, and to ensure that the project’s quality and schedule are achieved. IV&V seeks to answer the questions, “Are we building the right product?” and, “Are we building the product right?” IV&V is the practice of reviewing project activities and deliverables from an independent, third-party point of view.

This is based on a specific set of standards. Through verification, we ensure the vendor’s solution is meeting the requirements specified in the contract. Through validation, we confirm that the solution is working as intended to solve the purposes for which it was designed.

Project Management

Linea performs a wide variety of functions to keep a project stable, on budget, on time, and within scope. This includes issue resolution, keeping lines of communication open and fluid, predicting and preparing for potential problems and conflicts, and maintaining progress through accurate scheduling, tracking, and task planning.

Additionally, project management includes leading, motivating, and monitoring involved resources, reporting to necessary parties, and ultimately ensuring that all project requirements are met.

Implementation Oversight


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