Rob Ellison

Rob Ellison

Senior Principal Consultant

Rob provides oversight project management for procurement, implementation, and change management, and provides direction in establishing strategic management initiatives for both planning and execution phases.

Rob has more than 25 years of project management experience including more than 20 years of consulting and project management experience implementing large, complex, and challenging public-sector pension systems. He has experience as the vendor project manager or as the oversight project manager with nine major project implementations including seven prominent vendor PAS solutions.

Rob grew up in Minden, Nevada, and spent summers leading Boy Scout hikes through the mountains of Northern Nevada and California. He once climbed Mt. Lassen from the base path in 42 minutes. He served a two-year church mission in Sweden and received a bachelors from Brigham Young University and has worked in technology related projects in 16 states and lived in nine. His home base is Happy Valley, Oregon, where he and his family have lived for over 25 years.

Rob enjoys working for Linea because of Linea’s inherent nature to solve problems. Linea takes a genuine interest to listen and understand our client’s problems and we strive to journey with them on a successful path founded on principles of trust and confidence.

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