Stephen James

Stephen James

VP – Business Development, Canada

Stephen’s role at Linea is split between providing leadership on client accounts and business development, especially for Linea’s growing Canada presence.

Stephen has been in the pension and benefits industry for over 25 years. An actuary, Stephen started his career in actuarial consulting, providing valuation and plan design services. Before joining Linea in 2015 and for most of his career, Stephen served as president of a pension administration software solution provider, where he led pension administration solution initiatives for both small and large pension clients.

Stephen’s three most valued possessions are his grand piano, paddleboard and noise cancelling headphones. Stephen studied at McGill University and is a Fellow of both the Society of Actuaries and the Canadian Institute of Actuaries.

Stephen values his opportunity to work at Linea with the most senior, experienced consultants in our industry. Each consultant is provided a work environment that encourages professional development and allows us to leverage our respective strengths, which in combination result in a formidable consulting offering to our clients.

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