Today, digital powers every move that an organization makes. Our clients rely on us to be their eyes, ears and voice through enterprise IT projects. We work directly with leaders and Board Members to cover every inch of a project’s demands, from the RFP generation to post-implementation support.

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Linea is the outside set of eyes that locates your organization’s best path forward.


The modernization of large benefits systems requires complex software. Linea guides clients with strategy, planning, requirements-gathering, RFP writing, vendor selection, and contract negotiation.

Implementation Oversight

Linea provides both high-level project management and groundwork problem-solving for large scale benefits administration system implementations.

Client-Side Resourcing

Linea offers an array of services a benefits organization may need outside the common requirements of procurement and implementation oversight.

Change Management

Linea lays out a path for long term software implementation success through a disciplined approach to planning.

Business Process Improvement

Linea evaluates business processes and technology environments to develop innovative and practical modernization strategies.

Cyber Security

Linea sets the standard in benefits protection, pinpointing immediate risks and creating intelligent cyber security roadmaps for our clients as they navigate the evolving threat landscape.

I.T. Advisory Services

Linea offers specialized technical services tailored to the unique needs of our clients.