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Our clients often face change brought on by growth, outdated technology, increased customer expectations, and ever-evolving business and legislative environments. Our Modernization Readiness service is dedicated to helping you evaluate and enhance your technological infrastructure to respond to new demands. We meticulously examine your systems, applications, and data architecture to provide actionable steps toward improvement. By partnering with us, you'll gain invaluable insights into your technology infrastructure, empowering you to achieve short- and long-term business goals.


Target Operating Model
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Our Target Operating Model development service helps organizations optimize their business operations by designing and implementing effective operating models that align with their strategic objectives.

We evaluate existing processes and governance structures, identify areas for improvement, and provide actionable recommendations to optimize operations and achieve business goals.

Roadmap Development
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Our Modernization Roadmap Development service helps organizations create a customized roadmap for modernizing their IT systems and business processes. We evaluate existing infrastructure, applications, and data management practices to identify opportunities for optimization, and provide a prioritized list of modernization initiatives with estimated costs and timelines.

A typical roadmap will include project governance, resourcing, budget, major project risks, schedule, and a management plan. This roadmap can be used across multiple levels within your organization. This roadmap can be an anchor for your vision of the future and can be used by resources at all levels of the organization.

Business Case Development
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Our Business Case Development service helps organizations make informed decisions about investments and initiatives by conducting a thorough analysis of potential benefits, costs, risks, and other factors. We develop a financial model that includes projected costs, benefits, and return on investment (ROI) and provide a comprehensive report that outlines the potential benefits and risks associated with the investment or initiative.

By working with Linea, you gain access to a wealth of industry data that will help you make an informed business case.

Planning and Budget
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Our Planning and Budget Development service helps organizations develop comprehensive plans and budgets for modernization initiatives. We work closely with clients to assess their current systems and processes, identify areas where modernization can help, and develop realistic plans and budgets.  

We leverage our experience to develop realistic budgets that outline the benefits gained from these investments. With these plans and budgets stakeholders can have more confidence reporting to your Boards and Steering Committees.

Modernization Readiness


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