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Successful project delivery requires effective planning and coordination between client and vendor. Our team of experienced project managers provide end-to-end project management services to ensure your projects are delivered on time, within budget, and to high quality standards. We work closely with our clients and their solution providers to develop project plans, identify and mitigate risks, manage project scope and budget, and ensure effective communication and collaboration across all stakeholders. Our project management methodology is flexible and adaptable, ensuring that we can tailor our approach to meet your specific needs.


Vendor Oversight
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Our Vendor Oversight service involves working closely with vendors to ensure that they are meeting project requirements and delivering high-quality work. We provide oversight throughout the implementation of your new administration system, from vendor selection process, through live date and continuing through warranty period. Think of us as your trusted partners who work closely with your service providers to guarantee they meet your specific requirements and deliver top-notch results.

Our team oversees vendor activities throughout the project, including monitoring vendor performance, identifying, and resolving issues, and managing vendor relationships. We use a range of techniques, including contract management, KPI’s, and project scorecards, to measure vendor performance and ensure they are meeting project objectives. With our vendor oversight expertise, you can have confidence that your vendors will deliver the quality work required to successfully complete your project. Our goal is to ensure a win-win situation between vendor and client to ensure a mutually satisfactory outcome while fulfilling contractual obligation.

Risk Management
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Our Risk Management service is designed to identify and mitigate risks throughout the project lifecycle. We work closely with project stakeholders to identify potential risks and develop a risk management plan that outlines strategies for mitigating each risk. Together, we identify those possible roadblocks and craft a comprehensive risk management plan, complete with strategies to tackle each one head-on. Our team has experience in managing project-level risks related to project scope, timeline, budget, and quality.

Additionally, we are skilled at identifying and mitigating Board-level risks to reputation and enterprise goals. No organization wants to end up in the newspaper due to a critical failure based on an unaccounted risk. Due to our experience, we know what these types of risks are and can help you prepare for them even on projects that last 7-10 years. So, entrusting us with your risk management means you can confidently navigate the journey towards a secure and successful pension and benefits plan, just as you would protect any valuable asset in your organization’s portfolio.

Project Tracking
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Our Project Tracking service allows us to closely monitor the progress of each project and ensure that it stays on track. We utilize industry-standard tools and techniques, much like the precision you'd expect in managing your financial portfolio, to track your project's advancement against critical milestones. This approach not only helps us spot potential risks and issues early on but also allows us to make necessary adjustments to the project plan in a timely manner.

Our project tracking process is like a clear window into the heart of your project, offering complete visibility into its status and progress. This transparency empowers effective communication and collaboration with all stakeholders, akin to the seamless coordination essential for overseeing your organization. With our project tracking expertise at your side, you can trust that your project is in capable hands, guided by a steadfast commitment to timely and successful delivery, so that you can provide better services to your members.

Issue Resolution
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Our Issue Resolution service is designed to identify and resolve project issues as quickly and effectively as possible. We use a structured approach to triage issues, determine root causes, and develop and implement appropriate solutions. Our team has experience in resolving a wide range of project issues, from minor delays to critical path disruptions. Collaboration is at the core of our approach.  

We work closely with all stakeholders to ensure that issues are resolved in a way that minimizes impact on project timelines and budgets. Our issue resolution process provides a high level of transparency and communication, so that all stakeholders are informed of issue status and progress toward resolution.

Project Management


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