Acquire a Best-Fit Solution for Your Organization

We help our clients procure new software solutions for their pension and benefits administration systems. We assist with strategy, planning, requirements gathering, RFP writing, vendor selection, and contract negotiation using industry expertise and proven methodologies to identify the best-fit solution that meets your business needs and budget. Linea is committed to delivering unparalleled service and support throughout the entire software procurement process.


Provider Search Consulting
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A client may have a general idea that they need to modernize but may not have a clear understanding of available technologies and market options the Provider Search Consulting service is a valuable entry point for organizations that need to understand the modernization landscape. We begin by conducting an organizational assessment, assisting you in determining whether a formal Request for Proposal (RFP) process with strict procurement guidelines or a more flexible approach using a Request for Information (RFI) is the most suitable path.

Our comprehensive provider search goes beyond the surface. We delve into critical factors, including industry expertise, technical capabilities, reputation, pricing, and overall compatibility with your business objectives. Our approach revolves around gaining a deep understanding of your unique requirements. Leveraging our extensive experience and industry insights, we then offer tailored recommendations for the most suitable provider options available. With our Provider Search Consulting service, you can confidently navigate the landscape of potential vendors, ensuring they align perfectly with your plan's specific demands and objectives.

RFP Writing
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We offer a comprehensive RFP Writing service to help our clients procure new pension and benefits administration software. We leverage our industry experience working with over 100 clients to write detailed requirements that are both concise and specific enough to allow vendors to properly scope the exact work required to build the system. We include technical questionnaires so that our clients can fully understand the proposed system’s architecture.

Our RFPs cover everything necessary to obtain complete responses. This includes the vendor's methodology, proposed team composition, project timeline, on-site work requirements, the vendor's role in data conversion, and various other essential factors. This process empowers our clients to gather all necessary information to effectively select a preferred vendor. With our RFP Writing service, you can confidently navigate the path to acquiring the most suitable pension and benefits administration software.

System Requirements
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At Linea, we provide comprehensive system requirements gathering services. Our team understands your business context, identifies user requirements, defines non-functional requirements, and ensures alignment with IT strategy. We work closely with your stakeholders to learn their needs, workflows, and desired outcomes. We harness user stories and industry standard workflows to build requirements that are understandable by both the software vendors and end users. With this approach, we can develop solutions that are sustainable in the long-term.

We take pride in our ability to deliver high-quality system requirements that form the foundation for successful IT projects. Our team of experts has the industry experience and software knowledge to deliver solutions that meet your unique business needs.

Vendor Selection
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When it comes to selecting the right vendors for your pension and benefits plan, leveraging our experience with the Vendor Selection process is your reliable starting point. We tailor our approach to meet your specific needs, whether that means following a formal procurement process or a more expedited and informal one.

We're not just facilitators; we're your trusted partners throughout the process. We equip you with a proposal evaluation worksheet and provide training for your selection committee, ensuring they can expertly score the written responses. We organize review meetings, assist in interpreting the responses, and craft demonstration scenarios and sets of interview questions for semi-finalists. Additionally, we help in drafting oral scoring criteria for your team's use. Our support extends to reference site visits, reference checks, navigating the best and final offer process, and finally, developing the formal documentation and board presentation once the vendor is selected. With our Vendor Selection service, you can be confident that you'll choose the right service providers for your fund.

Current & Future State Analysis
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Current state analysis
Linea conducts a thorough assessment of your business processes, legacy systems, data readiness, and staffing to understand your current environment. Our consultants work with management and subject matter experts to review all business processes and walk through the legacy systems to gain an understanding of any functional gaps. We also examine the underlying data to determine any issues that may be required in the future and consider your staffing levels to determine your capacity to staff a modernization program.

Future state analysis
Our consultants work closely with staff to develop a future state for each business process based on the needs of the business and our knowledge of the trends in the industry. We guide you toward a future state that is achievable within your organizational culture, realistically possible using the direction
technology is headed, and durable for years to come. Our analysis also includes consideration of the technical support of the system, and we work with IT and management to develop options for support, hosting, and application development.

Contract Negotiation
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Our Contract Negotiation service helps your organization secure agreements that align with your specific needs and goals. Linea serves as your trusted advisor with extensive knowledge of industry contracts and recommended terms that we use to your benefit. In cases where legal support is needed, Linea can also recommend experienced third-party attorneys who specialize in pension and benefits system contracts.

Our end goal is to have a signed agreement between your organization and the vendor, one that maximizes the value of your investment while minimizing risk. With our Contract Negotiation service, you can navigate the complexities of procurement confidently, knowing that your agreements are carefully crafted to meet your organization's objectives while adhering to regulatory requirements.



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