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We are the people that you call when you need to make a change to your technology. Organizations can become less efficient over time due to failures and gaps that exist in systems and processes. We identify those failure points and create a comprehensive plan to fix them. We specialize in the pension, health, and insurance markets in both the U.S. and Canada.

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Realizing a strategic technology vision is a team effort. Your systems, data, and project teams must sync up to keep the process moving on time and in line with the strategic IT vision. This effort is no small feat, the work can be intense, but we take the heat so you can focus on your core requirements. We deliver honest projections and provide the right level of guidance at every stage.

Business and Technology Expertise

After leading hundreds of engagements over 24 years, our pattern recognition is the best in the industry. We’ve mastered technology across domains, and our clients trust us to find the solutions that match their unique business goals.

Scale and Reach

We’ve expanded to two separate sister organizations that focus on specialized services and bring an international reach. We believe there’s a right answer to everything, though it may not always be obvious. Through relentless research and proven methodologies, we uncover elegant solutions to complex problems.

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Linea is committed to contributing to a more diverse, equitable, inclusive, and accessible world.

Diversity, Equity, Inclusivity, and Access are values that have always been integral to Linea, which is why we have formed a DEIA Committee. The committee works to ensure that Linea incorporates these values in our policies and actions. In order to do all of this as efficiently and correctly as possible, we have enlisted the guidance of a professional DEIA consulting firm. We also contribute to these values beyond our company and have been working with multiple organizations to support them financially as well as through mentorship efforts. At Linea, we continuously strive to find new ways of fulfilling these commitments.

Our Executive Team

Our success comes from the quality of our people.

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