Akio Tagawa

Akio Tagawa

President & CEO

Akio is one of the founders of Linea Solutions and has been consulting for retirement systems since 1998. He has over 23 years of experience in IT and specializes in project management, business analysis, business process reengineering and organizational change management for retirement systems. Akio oversees Linea’s consulting operations outside of California.

As a thought leader, Akio is credited with driving software vendors in the pension industry to deliver solutions using agile software development techniques. He has been working with vendors on these techniques since 2010 to outline better approaches to the delivery of software functionality to the industry. He speaks regularly at conferences and assists clients with strategic planning for major initiatives.

Akio loves chairs, listening to live music, eating, and snowboarding. (There is a booklet in Linea’s Santa Monica office naming the origin, build date, and designer of every chair in the office.)

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