We implement new systems across industries at the city, county, and state level. As a result of years of experience being deeply embedded in the market, we offer the business standards, reliability, and scalability of a global consulting firm with the focused expertise and flexibility of a specialized, boutique agency.

Artwork left to right:  Jennifer Wolf, Rincon (7 and 2), 2011.


We improve business processes and lead technology upgrades for collectively bargained multiemployer defined benefit and defined contribution pension funds, as well as health and welfare benefits.

Public Pension

We partner on more public pension system-modernization projects than any similar consulting firm in our industry.

Workers' Compensation

We provide business expertise, industry best practice, product knowledge, change management competencies, and practical know-how in support of business transformation.

Benefits Administration

We work with large public agencies, labor unions, and associations that provide benefit administration to their employees and members.

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