We Provide Technical Guidance to Meet Your Business Needs

Linea offers a comprehensive range of specialized technical support services, designed to meet your unique needs. Our team excels in troubleshooting, system maintenance, and new software configuration to unlock the most efficient software environment to suit your practice. 


Architecture Advice
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Linea offers comprehensive Enterprise and Solution Architecture guidance for clients at any stage of their architectural journey. Services include establishing architectural governance through defining principles, policies, standards, and managing up-to-date descriptions of the organization's tech portfolio. Linea also assists in defining the target architecture by conducting trade-off analyses for high-impact decisions like cloud options, COTS versus custom solutions, and the usage of Managed Services. Additionally, we assess enabling technologies like ECM, CCM, IAM, and BI platforms. Linea crafts architectural roadmaps to define incremental capability deliveries, starting from the current state to the target. Additionally, we can provide critical architecture analysis in relation to building requirements for an RFP for a large software system solution.

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We possess deep understanding of all aspects of cybersecurity relevant to information technology, and we are knowledgeable about a broad spectrum of business processes you utilize, including the potential vulnerabilities within them. We're well-versed with the current software used for online services and the optimal defense strategies for each. Our awareness of the threat environment is comprehensive, and we've cultivated effective methodologies for threat defense. Drawing from our experience on successful strategies (and the ineffective ones), we're adept at applying these learnings to organizations seeking enhanced security measures.

Linea provides a wide array of cybersecurity services, which we customize to our pension and benefits clients. Because we have intimate knowledge of pension processes, we know where inherent levels of risk lie. Because we understand the workers’ compensation organizations we know where their weak points are and can help defend against them.

Product Solutions
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Our Product Solutions service can help your organization make high-impact architecture, technology, and business decisions. Typical client decisions include: Hosting using public cloud, private cloud or on site data center, application fit with Commercial- off-the-shelf (COTS) vs. custom implementations, and use of Managed Services to enhance your capabilities.

We can also help develop RFI content to verify availability of solutions in the marketplace and identify enabling technologies such as Enterprise Content Management (ECM), Identity and Access Management (IAM), Business Intelligence platform, to be treated as enterprise-assets and procured separately from a Line of business (LOB).

Technical Services


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