Raymond McIntosh

Raymond McIntosh

Principal Consultant

Working in partnership with benefit administration system leadership and staff, Ray brings 30 years of experience developing and implementing systems.

Ray is an information technology and public pension systems professional with experience leading teams in the delivery and project management oversight of large, complex projects within the public and private sector. His core competencies include project management and governance, program management support, standards and quality compliance, contract compliance and requirement fulfillment, project implementation, application development, and issue and risk management.

Working at Linea has been an amazing experience for Ray because of the people. Their experience, expertise, and attitude provide a very positive and motivating atmosphere. Linea is a place where opinions are respected and valued; a place where things get done. This is important because the types of projects that Linea performs are multi-year; they are marathons, not sprints. Success is measured in the long-term. These projects can lead to burn-out unless activities are rounded out with the personal and professional communities one interacts with. Balance provides meaning in life that enables a level and grounded approach to achieving goals.

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