Kimm Nasser-Fenn

Kimm Nasser-Fenn

VP of Professional Development

Kimm leads internal education, skills advancement, and employee development for the company and co-manages the organizational change management practice.

Kimm has over twenty-five years of project and program management experience, the last eleven of which have been with pension administration system implementation projects. Kimm has extensive experience in process consulting and has managed re-engineering and improvement efforts for both business and systems management processes. Her specialties include enterprise-level strategy creation, case management consulting in support of complex processes, implementing project management best practices, and organizational change management. Prior to joining Linea, Kimm was a practice manager with IBM Global Services and managed large multi-dimensional programs and project offices; including developing strategic initiatives, managing the practice portfolio, and directing delivery teams with end-to-end responsibility for systems integration projects.

Kimm loves working at Linea because she is surrounded by smart people who work hard, have a shared sense of purpose, and genuinely care about our clients’ success.

Kimm’s first career was as a high school English teacher. She is a second-generation Los Angeles native. Her first car was a 1964 Mustang that has been passed down through family from when it was new and is still in her family. Kimm treats yoga class as a competition and would like to speak French someday.

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