Investing in Training as a Key Component of Employee Retention & Development

In today’s tight labor market, attracting and retaining the right person at the right time for the right role is key to success. Investing in your employee’s knowledge pays the best interest. It’s no secret: employees feel wanted when you invest in them, not only with salaries, but also with development.  

In 2022, having opportunities to learn and grow is ranked the #1 factor that employees say defines an exceptional work environment & culture. 

Employees who rate their working environment highly are: 

+25% more likely to be happy at work. 

+31% more likely to recommend working at their organization.

Training & development focuses on teaching adult learners the skills needed to achieve their tasks, improve organizational outcomes, and increase personal skills. From teaching project management, quality assurance, and change management, to developing underused strengths in leaders, training plays a vital role in the talent development toolkit.

At the same time, employers have a limited number of resources to conduct training for their employees. They may also lack the proper methodologies needed to ensure training maximizes employee’s knowledge, skills, and abilities (KSAs). In those instances, it may prove beneficial to hire a consultant to help train employees on new applications, systems, and technology skills. 

Understanding the Importance of Training and Development

Linea Solutions is responding to the growing need for employers to provide training. We offer a highly skilled group of trusted advisors to aid companies in pivoting to pandemic protocols, hybridizing operations, and unlocking the keys to current and future trends.  


1.     Upskilling & Reskilling – like Agile learning methodologies, this focuses on speed, flexibility, and collaboration. New methodologies feature an interactive and iterative approach to design that typically prioritizes speed over other elements.

2.     Performance Over Skills – Training & Development programs are widely being redesigned to drive performance ahead of skills.

3.     Integrating Virtual with Digital – what should holistic learning look like in the future? 

4.     Learning Designed by Data – the concept of incorporating data within learning. Business leaders will be empowered to ask the right questions at the right time to understand what matters most and design learning solutions with both learner and organizational outcomes in mind.

5.     Everyday Learning – swap stand-alone learning for a culture of continuous learning for the benefit of work — as characterized by active engagement and tapping into tacit organizational knowledge. 

Why Invest in Training

Avoiding wasted dollars is a key goal of training. A study conducted by The Project Management Institute found that poor project performance leads organizations to waste $122 million for every $1 billion invested. Training helps organizations avoid risks and costs by teaching employees how to comply with a range of regulations and legal requirements while increasing customer satisfaction, employee satisfaction, efficiency, and productivity.

Linea Solutions’ Training & Development team can offer your organization in-person and remote talent development and e-Learning instruction for employee development, theoretical and operational knowledge, while maintaining an acceptable level of training effectiveness and knowledge transfer. 

Have questions? We can help.

Linea Solutions has been providing strategic guidance that has improved our clients for almost 25 years. We would be happy to meet with you virtually to discuss what type of assessment would be ideal for your organization. If you have questions about the best way to improve your organizational efficiency, contact us to see how we can help.

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